Harpin’ Boont: The Lingo of Boonville

Check out this recent article about Boontling by Jemetha Clark Cosgrove of The Backyard Traveler (http://traveler.blogs.petaluma360.com/author/jemetha).  Here’s a teaser – click on the links at the end for the entire article, including glossary:

Boontling refers to the language (ling) of Boonville (Boont). Based on English it was an elaborate jargon that made the people of Boonville unintelligible to even the residents of Philo, just six miles away. It most likely started from young men working in the hops fields as a way to have private conversations amongst other people and, more specifically, to freely use nonch harpin’s (objectionable or “dirty” words). In the forty years (1880-1920) that the language was prevalent it spread through much of the community. It wasn’t considered “proper” in formal places like church but it was spoken so much that some Boonters (speakers of Boontling) had a hard time speaking plain English on command.

via Harpin’ Boont: The Lingo of Boonville – Backyard Traveler – Petaluma 360 – Petaluma, CA – Archive.