A long weekend in Mendocino and Fort Bragg

It was time to go to the Mendocino This post is about a long weekend spent on the Mendocino coast.

Of course there is a cancer story that goes along with this. Lately there is a cancer story involved in everything I do. Perhaps one day I will go on a trip with no cancer story, but that is a different life and I am not there yet.

Cancer story: Had my three month PET scan. The oncologist called me after the scan and asked me if I was breathing OK. (I was breathing fine until you called me, doctor! Now I can’t breathe at all!) Diagnosis: new tumor on the aorta. A call for a surgical biopsy including removing part of the rib to reach the tumor, several days in the hospital, several weeks of recuperation, during which time I was requested to schedule a bone marrow biopsy. Treatment? Most likely chemo again. We don’t need to dwell on the ensuing drama.

Two weeks later a phone call from the oncologist. “Never mind, it was a mistaken diagnosis. An unusual case of something else mascarading as cancer. My bad!”

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