A long weekend in Mendocino and Fort Bragg

It was time to go to the Mendocino This post is about a long weekend spent on the Mendocino coast.

Of course there is a cancer story that goes along with this. Lately there is a cancer story involved in everything I do. Perhaps one day I will go on a trip with no cancer story, but that is a different life and I am not there yet.

Cancer story: Had my three month PET scan. The oncologist called me after the scan and asked me if I was breathing OK. (I was breathing fine until you called me, doctor! Now I can’t breathe at all!) Diagnosis: new tumor on the aorta. A call for a surgical biopsy including removing part of the rib to reach the tumor, several days in the hospital, several weeks of recuperation, during which time I was requested to schedule a bone marrow biopsy. Treatment? Most likely chemo again. We don’t need to dwell on the ensuing drama.

Two weeks later a phone call from the oncologist. “Never mind, it was a mistaken diagnosis. An unusual case of something else mascarading as cancer. My bad!”

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A Night in Fort Bragg

Hidden Pines CampgroundMy friend Teresa and I took a road trip over 4th of July 2010 weekend and one of the nights was spent camping in Fort Bragg.  Click on the link below for the chronicle of our adventures.

Our adventures began when we left Eureka for Fort Bragg. On the way up north on US CA 101, I had seen a sign pointing out a shortcut to Fort Bragg, so I figured we would take that on our way to the Mendocino Coast. Plus Teresa had her GPS system, so what really could go wrong?

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